How to Market Your Brand with Authenticity

By Sarah Beath,   Junior Social Media Designer

It is becoming increasingly difficult to be absolutely authentic in today’s advertising industry, where most followers can be bought & algorithms are set in place to push the bar higher for those with the highest bid. All this suggests that advertising & marketing are a continuous state of change, amongst all the new marketing avenues, it is imperative to remain as authentic to the brand as possible. Do away with what you ‘think’ matters & rather focus on what matters to your consumer. Luckily, we have a few tips that could help.

Exude emotion into your brand
As a brand collective, identify which causes are worth throwing your voice behind. Although there are numerous causes that need support, it is more worthwhile to place all your energy into two or three causes. Choose causes you genuinely feel motivated to support. Once you have identified these, build your campaigns around promoting your support, and remember to make them memorable while purposeful.

Remember why you started your brand
hen building your brand from scratch, you often have objectives set in place to allow your company as a whole to move in synchronization towards achieving these objectives. Yes, these objectives may change over time as your brand expands and reaches new heights, however it is always important to go back to the start to remember why you started your brand in the first place. There is a greater purpose of a brand than just simply pushing products.

Authentic marketing is not all about the numbers
Ultimately the pursuit of money, sales, followers & likes will kill your brand's personality and leave you to fade into the sea of brands. While collecting data is important in the understanding of how to engage with your current and potential consumers, you should not sacrifice your brands message in the process. Be creative & remain authentic to your brand, once you build up your image you can begin to measure that.

It may seem so simple and straightforward, however, it is the small details that could help push your brand a tier above the rest. Don't strive to be like every other brand on the market, stand out for what makes your brand unique and your products unforgettable.  
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