The Importance of First Impressions

By Sarah Beath,   Junior Social Media Designer

Visual stimulation is one of the most engaging senses that the consumer can comprehend, therefore, much like people base their opinions of others on their first outward appearance, consumers do the same when deciding to engage with a brand. A brand's image is incredibly important as it will determine whether potential relationships will be forged between the brand and the consumer.

The first image or impression you leave with the consumer should be a positive one. This will draw them back to you, cause them to remember you when they want or need what you have to offer and, just as important, will keep them coming back to you after they have experienced what you have to offer. In saying this, phenomenal branding won’t make up for poor products and services. It is essential to deliver on your brand promises or else your branding will essentially backfire on you. A good reputation is hard to beat; however, a bad reputation is harder to overcome. Ensure you keep to brand promise in order to solidify your good brand reputation in the marketplace.

When referring to the first impression it is not simply the look of the brand but how the brand engages with the wider audience. Therefore, the look should be consistent throughout the use of imagery, typography and colour choices. However, do not over complicate your collaborations and remember to highlight your product or service through excitement and sincerity. The second avenue of impression is found in the engagement between the consumer and the various facets of the brand. The branding will tie in with the presentation of the business, how your customer experiences you through in-person connection, online interaction and over the phone conversations. Your marketing pieces include print, social media presence, and website interaction, all of these combine together to create a persona that is your brand in the eyes of the customers.

To sum up, the branding of your brand will define your mark, your name, slogan, and logo will carry weight based on the reality of who you are, what you do and how you do it. Be confident that when your brand is “sized up,” it carries a positive impression of great customer experience, both in-person and online. As well as having a product or service that is worthy of accreditation.
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