Why Team Collaboration Should Be Encouraged in the Office

By Sarah Beath,   Junior Social Media Designer

Whether your company is a well-established entity or a small start-up, there are a handful of benefits to encouraging minds to engage with each other. The workplace is in a constant state of change, where team collaboration could be the key to success is staying ahead of the game. Each day presents new obstacles and challenges that could be solved through brainstorming team collaboration.

Team collaboration can be cultivated from your company culture, allowing colleagues to have their voices heard and ideas appreciated. When issues arise, they must be resolved efficiently and effectively but also rationally. Not one person will be able to put forward the right answer all the time, therefore working together is imperative. You are able to share knowledge and experience amongst each other and collectively pool your expertise.

The benefits of team collaboration include higher staff retention rates, increased job satisfaction, innovation, increased chance of profitability and quicker problem-solving. Ensuring a successful culture of collaboration needs to be approached from the top down. Contributing employees need to understand the common goal and a feeling of cohesion towards to set goal. Therefore communication is key, where chosen mediums of communication need to be standardized and revised regularly for their effectiveness.

Here are three steps to implementing team collaboration into your culture:

  • Create a space for brainstorming sessions: Set a creative space where your team can bounce off ideas, discuss streamlining processes within the company or departments, plan engaging campaigns or solve problems that the brand may be facing.

  • Invest in effective collaboration tools: Communication is king, therefore, having easily accessible lines of communication such as video calling allows for various regions to come together. These tools don’t necessarily have to be technology-based but could rather be a whiteboard with markers to job down ideas.

  • Reward success: Handing out recognition where it's due is very important, as it boosts individual and teams morale. A simple shout out or companywide email blast can be super effective, the other alternative where applicable is a financial reward. If the idea ends up saving the company time and money, it may just be worth showing your appreciation on a monetary level.
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