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Promobasket have long been synonymous with Outdoor Branding and eventing and we have pioneered taking mobile eventing to the next level in South Africa. We have learned most of what we know by getting our hands dirty and attending events across countless countries, which has helped us not just to deliver on clients briefs, but to actually work with them and combine our expertise with their brand briefs to create a perfect blend of functionality, creativity, mobility and visibility.

We work with our client to make sure that their brands stand out against the rest at events that are often cluttered with numerous brands fighting for visibility. Many suppliers can provide equipment, but few can claim to have tried it, tested it and developed unique solutions like we have!

R6,165.06R8,355.28 ea + VAT
R7,172.09R9,362.30 ea + VAT
R5,826.23R10,348.51 ea + VAT
R14,250.94 ea + VAT
R21,896.00 ea + VAT
R2,605.54R6,031.87 ea + VAT
R4,052.99R5,690.33 ea + VAT
R1,998.74R4,130.36 ea + VAT
R1,003.76 ea + VAT
R423.64 ea + VAT
R374.33 ea + VAT
R239.81 ea + VAT
R937.57 ea + VAT
R654.38 ea + VAT
R171.62R3,357.25 ea + VAT
R279.56R2,266.56 ea + VAT
R854.65R3,122.93 ea + VAT
R1,736.25 ea + VAT
R220.85 ea + VAT
R625.49 ea + VAT
R266.21 ea + VAT
R88.40R132.86 ea + VAT
R2,300.07 ea + VAT
R1,522.51 ea + VAT
R20,279.40 ea + VAT
R468.91 ea + VAT
R319.23R1,213.56 ea + VAT
R5,579.69R6,593.01 ea + VAT
R437.00 ea + VAT