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Conferences, expo’s, indoor events, media and press briefs are a popular platforms to convey messages to consumers. These environment are however highly competitive as they are often attended by many competitor brands. Don’t just settle for what you’ve seen done in the past. Choose a supplier who has experience in helping brands stand out, with products that are fit for purpose, eye-catching and visually unique.

We have a range of products from budget friendly, simple pop-up stands to premium, store-within-a-store concepts. Not only can we equip your stand but we can provide interactive experiential marketing solutions, and custom made clothing and promoter solutions that can be seen in their respective product categories.

R171.62R3,357.25 ea + VAT
R279.56R2,266.56 ea + VAT
R854.65R3,122.93 ea + VAT
R153.60R2,642.36 ea + VAT
R1,692.91 ea + VAT
R2,630.15R5,168.61 ea + VAT
R1,038.28R1,552.54 ea + VAT
R1,836.20R2,967.42 ea + VAT
R4,439.22 ea + VAT
R4,539.79R6,477.45 ea + VAT
R4,870.42R6,808.08 ea + VAT
R4,809.30R6,149.69 ea + VAT
R5,322.40R6,662.79 ea + VAT
R1,059.54R1,722.05 ea + VAT
R5,417.10 ea + VAT
R7,639.50 ea + VAT
R5,069.85 ea + VAT
R88.40R132.86 ea + VAT
R319.23R1,213.56 ea + VAT
R2,055.72 ea + VAT